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Marvel Comics is quite familiar with the scene where Marmukhi Thor jumps with a hammer. Thor’s presentation of true Viking legends is more daunting and varied. Norse is the most powerful of the gods as the lord of power, masculinity, storms and thunder.

Women and sex are also associated with fertility due to the relationship. With red hair and beard, Thor is painted in a completely heroic manner. Odin or Loki was secret and deceitful; Thor is standing in front of that danger with a hammer in his hand. This is why the peace of the heavens is always disturbed by Yotun (pronounced ‘near-Jatun’) or by demons; The other gods look at Thor. The thought is, “Now Thor, do something.

Thor is very popular from the beginning. His presence in Norse mythology dates back to the very first century AD. In later times, Thor survived the Viking era, but with a firm hold on the Germanic language’s folklore.

The Old Norse word Thor and the Old Saxon Police Station; Which means thunder or lightning. This indicates the issue of Thor’s control over natural phenomena. In Germanic culture, Dios Iris or Jupiter’s day was changed to ‘Thor’s Day’ when the Roman calendar was adopted. In modern English, it survives as ‘Thursday.’

Thor’s most potent weapon is the hammer combination. The Hammer struck the mountain. Fire blazed in the sky. In addition to pulling lightning and hitting the enemy, it can also resurrect the dead in exceptional cases. Thor’s eyes glowed like fire. An iron glove called Yarn Grape is seen in the hand . At the waist is a unique belt magnifying.

Whenever Thor fastened his belt; The energy will be doubled. Like other gods, he would collapse if he used the rainbow bridge. So Thor walked four rivers every day to attend the meeting of the deity.

Thor traveled in a chariot drawn by two goats named Tangrisnir and Tanniyastir. Incidentally, Thor often slaughters and eats goats. Only two goats are resurrected after death to pull the chariot. Thor is reluctant to miss any opportunity to fight because of his strength. Although he is a god, he is not free from anger; Sometimes, he does all the destructive things that he can’t fix later. Kindness is rare. Long journeys and thrilling adventures are very favorite. In many accounts, Thor’s names include Atali (Terrible), Byron (Bear), Aerion (Alone One Hundred), Hardugadar (Adventurous Soul), and Vingthar (Thunder).

Without bridging the gap between the two cultures like Odin, Thor was rightly the personification of nature’s volatile side.
Family and origin.
Thor, the son of Odin, the chief of the AC gods. Mother’s name is York (Earth). Because Mother Yotun or the demons are in the blood of Thor, the devils and the demons have met. Odin’s famous sons Baldar, Vali, and Vidar are his half-brothers. Among the brothers are Tear, Heimdall, Braggy, and Hodder.


Thor married Sifke in his old age. Sif is the goddess of faith, family, and fertility. Thor’s daughter was born in Sif’s womb, named Thunder; That later turned into Valkyrie. The word valcari comes from Valcartier. The Norse refers to a particular class of women in mythology, deciding to save people on the battlefield. Outside of the wedding, Thor’s lover is the monster daughter Yarnsaxa. She gave birth to a son named Magnie. Thor has more lovers, with whom love has not lasted long. In the womb of one of them was born the child Modi (courage). However, the boy’s mother was not identified in the Norse mythology.

Not much is known about the childhood or pre-life of the gods in Norse mythology. Thor is no exception. In legend, he started his journey as a full-fledged deity. How Thor came to be the seat of the German nation’s gods; It is not clear.
The existence of Thor dates back to the first Roman sources. There Thor is compared to the Roman god Jupiter. Incidentally, Jupiter’s cult re-emerged following the Greek god Zeus. This can be seen in many other cases. The Romans often likened the gods of Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Germany to their gods. In Celtic mythology, Taranis, and Vedic mythology, Indra is found in European, Mediterranean, and South Asian myths. However, in the first millennium BC, Thor and the archetype of his equivalent were established as Indo-European deities.


Thor Miolner
Story Starlason narrates in his Ada prose the birth story of Thor’s Hammer Miolnir. Loki, the god of cunning and evil, once cut the golden hair of Thor’s wife, Sif. Thor, who is burning with rage, should catch Loki to teach. Threatened to break bones. Frightened, Loki promises to correct him and moves to the dwarf kingdom of Swartalfeim. The Bamuns are famous for their construction. Loki thinks of finding the best manufacturer there and making new hair for Siff.

Loki finds Ivaldi’s sons in the dwarf land. They made new hair for Siff as well as two more great things. The first is a ship named Skidbladder, which will never break, and the second is a terrible spear humming. Loki, however, did not return.

On the contrary, he used this opportunity to seize more. Loki went to two dwarf brothers named Broker and Cindy. “No one else can make something as great as the boys of Ivaldi,” he whispered.

These two brothers made three significant objects with a lot of bets. A golden-haired pig; Which glows in the dark, can run through any and speeds faster than horses. A gold ring is Draupaniram, which brings out eight rounds every ninth night. And last but not least, the Hammer. When Loki returns to Asgard, he hands over the new hair to Siff and Thor to Mini. Other constructions were handed over to Odin and Frere.

Many wonderful stories have been told about Thorne. The tale of Miolni’s theft in Ada’s poem is a little different. One morning Thor woke up and saw that Miolni did not have a hammer. The incident is horrible. Asgard’s national problem. Because Miolni has defended Asgard many times and will. Thor expects the help of the gods. The gods also agreed to find Hammer. The responsibility fell on Loki. Loki took the hawk’s feathers from Frere. This flock can be reshaped. After much searching as a hawk, Loki found Miolni’s monster Trim.

Loki appeared in the previous shape in front of the three. The monster also confessed to stealing the Hammer. But in return, he agreed to marry Freya. This proposal was unacceptable to the gods. Desperate, Loki returned to Asgard and told everyone. The helpless gods are just biting their lips and scratching their heads. Suddenly Heimdale came up with the idea, “The gods will decorate Thor with the bride. Loki will be the bride’s nurse.

Thor took the matter as an insult. The other gods also disagreed, because the work of saving women in the future may be ridiculed. But Loki liked the idea. He persuaded everyone.

Thor was cleverly decorated with all of Frere’s jewelry and clothing. The face is covered like a bride. When everything was ready, Thor and Loki went to the kingdom of demons. This time it is a beautiful drama.

Believing, Trim took the guests inside and let them eat. Thor could not handle his stomach even at that time. He killed a bull, eight salmon, and three bottles of wine. Trim is surprised to see everything. He has never seen a woman eat like this. Guessing the matter, Loki explained, “Katar Freya has not eaten anything for the last one week.

That is why he is eating like this.” Trim was reassured in response. The bride’s eyes peeked out. His then was shining like fire. When Trim was embarrassed, Loki said again, “Freya hasn’t slept in the last week because she can’t see the king. So those eyes are red.”
Arrangements for the wedding began as usual. According to the conditions, Trim brought Miolnir and placed him on the bride’s lap. Thor stood up with the veil in his hand, laughing. He killed everyone one by one and ruined the whole ceremony. Then he returned to Birdarpe with Loki.

Thor’s femininity

Thor kills monsters
Miolni’s rescue shows that Thor hated monsters. That hatred is more intense in the tug-of-war with the monster Runnir. Odin once visited the kingdom of Jotunheim. Runni did not recognize Odin at first. As a result, he made negative comments about Odin’s horse. In response, Odin challenged that his horse can beat any horse in Jotunheim by running. Runner also accepts. The race started from Jotunheim to the gate of Asgard.

In the meantime, Rungni appeared in Asgard. The eating and drinking gods called him inside and let him eat. Runner became reckless after drinking alcohol. Bedlam began to roar of bullying – “I will overthrow Bhalla, overthrow Asgard, kill the deity take Freya and Sif and marry them”.

The deity of AC got tired of trying to calm him down. Finally, he called Thorne. He is then spending his leisure time hunting monsters in the East. When he came back, he heard Rungnir’s insolence to kill him, “Only cowards raise their hands against the unarmed.

That is not a lie. So Thor gave him a chance to go to the kingdom of demons. Going there, Runni was equipped with various weapons. This time the war started. Runner threw his sharp stone, and Thor threw Miolner. Halfway through, the rock broke, and Miolni went straight and hit the monster on the head. The head was crushed. Thor himself was injured and returned. The stone went into his head. Groa, the nurse of the gods, came and brought out the stone that had entered her head. Thor began to tell stories to encourage.

But Thor’s story makes Groa sadder; So much so that it was impossible to extract the whole of Runnir’s stone. According to the Puranas, Radhyagnarak Abdi Thor would go around with a broken piece of stone on his head. In any case, the palace’s construction at Asgard once again clashed with the demons and the gods. Thor rushed to the service and smashed the opponent.

Yormungandar narrative

Thor hates many things. But none seems to surpass Yormungandar. Yormungandar is the name of a snake that lives in the Midgard or the human world. More specifically, Yormungandar is one of Loki’s three monster children and his monster wife, Angarabadar. The other two wolves are Fenry and Hell of the Underworld. After the birth of Yormungandar, Odin threw him into the sea surrounding Midgard. The monster grows up there and spins the earth. He puts his tail in his mouth in a circle. Benzene cycles or Eurobras can be thought of.

Thor has faced Yormungandar several times. The monster Himi had a pot to prepare wine for all the gods. When the news reached Thor’s ears, he went out to search. It was not too hard to find Himir. Anyway, Himi went to sea with Thorke to catch fish. He saw a few whales but did not notice any fish near Thor, but was caught by Yormungandar.

Thor hit the snake on the deck of the boat and hit it with a hammer. The snake did not die even though it was injured and ran away. At the end of the story, Himi comes to hit Thor. Thor sensed and hit Himir in retaliation. Yormungandar is back at sea.

The day when he will stick his tail out of his mouth and come up to the ground. From that moment on, Radhanark started. Brother Fenry will join him that day. Fenry will ignite the earth, and Yormungandar will mix poison in the air. Eventually, Thor and Yormungandar will face off. After killing him, Thor himself will die that day due to his poison. This is the destiny of the god Thor in Radhagnark.

Before the end

Abdi Thor appeared a popular character with the German language group long after the fall, long before the Viking era. Evidence of this can be found in German folklore in the collections of the Grimm brothers. Thor’s spirit was revived in the nineteenth century when the winds of nationalism began to blow. Poets, writers, painters took him to another level in the culture of northern and northwestern Europe.

In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Thor gained international recognition with the advent of the Marvel Comic Book and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the creators have made some changes using their freedom while taking the mythical Thor into the comic book.

For example, the Puranic layer has red hair and a red beard, but the Marvel layer has golden hair and beard. Chris Hemsworth is seen as Thor in the movie. But beyond all that, a Norse god has awakened that again; That’s the big deal.

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