The first person in space.Yuri Gagarin.

the first man in space ,tragic end

He was the principal individual in history to set foot on the Moon.
At that time, no one in Russia did not know his name. But rumors are still circulating about his death. Let’s take part in that mystery.

That day in March 1968 was ‘Another Day at Office’ for Yuri Gagarin. Accompanied by routine instructor Vladimir Seriogin, the ever-familiar MiG-15 plane flew through the white clouds at high speed, then landed properly and landed at the airport – this was the job of the day.

The cockpit of Soviet Russian MiG-15 fighter jets is very familiar to Gagarin, who has sat there countless times. This fighter jet has made a speed storm in the skies of the Soviet Union many times.

So no one had the slightest doubt that that day would be another day like any other. The cloudless sky is also covered with gray clouds in a matter of moments, the sky suddenly breaks in the afternoon, and it rains, the ever-peaceful city once fell in the grip of a strong storm and twisted.

What destiny has written in its future cannot be refuted, never. If Gagarin had known that the March 26, 1986 flight would be the last flight of his successful life, he probably wouldn’t have crowded around the runway that day. But destiny has fixed his death in the accident of the well-known MiG-15 warplane!.

At 10:16 a.m., Gagarin was preparing to take off for a MiG-15 at the Kalovsky Air Base, 20 kilometers from Moscow.
One hour later, another friend and colleague of Gagarin’s, Vladimir Axionver.

Fly time

At 10:30 a.m., Gagarin’s friend Vladimir Axionov’s flight was canceled due to bad weather. Pilot Axionov returned to the airport from the runway. By then, the pilot Gagarin and his instructor Seriogin had flown into the sky.

At around 10:30 a.m., when Gagarin’s friend Vladimir Axionov’s flight was canceled, he was unaware that Gagarin’s MiG-15 fighter jet had lost contact the control room at Kalovsky Airport.

Returning from the runway, he learned that something terrible was going to happen to Gagarin and Vladimir Seriogin. At 10:32 a.m., the Gagarin’s announced in the control room that they were returning for the last time. Then the connection is completely disconnected. Helicopters from the control room searched the area around the Kalovsky airbase.

At 2:50 a.m., the helicopter’s crew discovered MiG-15 aircraft wreckage 75 kilometers from the airport. The chances of Yuri Gagarin and his colleagues surviving the devastation were slim. Nobody anticipated that both of them should be rescued alive.

The next day, the two’s bodies were found by pouring water on the lamp of hope of survival through seat injector. The bodies of the two of them were so mutilated that the Soviet authorities had to struggle to identify either Gagarin’s or Seriogin’s.

While it is embarrassing for European countries and the US administration to set foot in Yuri Gagarin’s space, America’s peace-loving people have respectfully acknowledged his achievements.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has lunch with him, Egyptian President Cairo handed over the golden keys to the city. Cuba’s famous revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has pulled him to his chest.

the first person in space That Yuri Gagarin’s tragic end!

Yuri Gagarin

The conflict between us and therefore the Soviet Union that began after the war II Soviet Union began after World War II. it spread among the scientists of the two countries. In addition to military technology, the two countries competed to go beyond space. Economically, although the American-led capitalist bloc was ahead, Soviet Russia did not skimp on building technological excellence.

Tragic report

After Gagarin’s death, a committee of inquiry was formed to determine the cause of his plane crash. The committee presented a massive report of 29 volumes to the Soviet authorities. But the information was kept fully classified in ‘Soviet interests’.

Part of that investigation report was declassified in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s space travel.
According to the report, pilot Yuri Gagarin and his instructor Vladimir Seriogin lost control of the MiG-15 fighter jet to avoid collisions with flying objects as a possible cause. But this explanation did not satisfy Soviet military experts. Since the Soviet authorities did not say anything about the cause of Yuri Gagarin’s death, various conspiracy theories arose.

Some claim, perhaps, that Gagarin was sitting in the cockpit under the influence of alcohol.
As a result, at one point, he lost control, and the MiG-15 fighter jet crashed. Many people in the Soviet Union believed in this theory, although there was no evidence to support it.

Another group of people thought that the Soviet intelligence agency Gagarin and his instructor Seriogin had unknowingly applied toxic nerve agents. Believers in this theory believed that Gagarin’s space travel was entirely Nikita Khrushchev’s success.

When Brezhnev later took power in the Soviet Union, he naturally did not look favorably on the mastermind behind his success.
That is why the Russian intelligence service killed him. There is no real evidence behind this theory.

Space expert report.

The day the Gagarin crashed, there was a test flight of a Sukhoi series fighter jet. And Gagarin’s MiG-15 fighter jet had a similar flight schedule to that of the Sukhoi series. Probably due to the cloudy weather, the Sukhoi series fighter jets moved very close to the Gagarin fighter jets. Because of this, Gagarin lost control.

An individual from the board of trustees set up by the Soviet authorities gave the explosives in an interview this is the motivation driving why it has gotten the most fundamental insistence gotten the most essential affirmation.

Revealing the cause of Gagarin’s death would have been somewhat detrimental to the national interest of the Soviet Union because the United States and its allied capitalist countries were ready to spread propaganda against the Soviet Union at every moment.

It is protected to state that the US would have reaped the maximum benefits if the Soviet authorities had failed to kill a famous man like Yuri Gagarin. All in all, the first person in space yuri Gagarin’s death is still a mystery.

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