National hero Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on sixteen March 1920 within the village of Tungipara in Gopalganj. Father ruler Lutfar Rahman and mother Sayera lady. Her oldsters dear known as her Khoka. He’s the third kid of his oldsters.

Bangladesh has become a freelance thanks to his successful efforts. He’s a pioneer of Bangladesh’s independence.

So these dayswe are going to discuss some necessary chapters of his life.

Early Life

He started his education from Gimadanga elementary school. When Khoka was nine years old, he was admitted to Gopalganj Public School. In any case, he was unable to proceed with his studies for long because he had an eye disease. What’s more, on the guidance of a specialist, he was taken to Calcutta, where he underwent a successful eye operation.

Then, when he healed, he went to Christ’s missionary school again. He passed matriculation from missionary school. At the age of eighteen, Mujib married Fazilatunnesa, and they had five children, Sheikh Jamal, Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Russell, Sheikh Hasina, and Sheikh Rehana.

His political vocation started while he was in a missionary school. At that time, water falling from the roof of his school caused inconvenience to the school children.

And one day, the Prime Minister of undivided Bengal, A.K Fazlul Haque, and the Minister of Supply, Hossain Shahid Suhrawardy, came to visit their mission school when he appeared before them with his claim and granted it.

Political Activism

In the same year, 19And, in the meantime, he came to Muslim Bengali leader Hossain Shahid Suhrawardy. He continued to learn politics from him.40, and he joined the All India Muslim Students Federation. Then there he became elected president.

Then one day, there was a conference of the Bengal Muslim League, and in between, he played a unique role. Gradually he was building his base through various political activities.

After India’s secession, Muslim-Hindu riots broke out, and he joined hands with Suhrawardy in various activities to control the riots. He then became one of the student leaders of Bengal through the Muslim Chhatra League of East Bengal.

Language movement

In 1947, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazimuddin, said in a session that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan. As soon as they heard this, the people of Bengal burst into rage.

They started the movement under the leadership of Mujib. Sheikh Mujib arrested. The student society of his arrest The movement begins. The government released the student leaders under pressure.

Establishment of Awami League and The embodiment of independent Bangladesh

Maulana Bhasani and Suhrawardy jointly established the Awami Muslim League in East Pakistan. And elected Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as Joint General Secretary. Learn more

United Front selection

The United Front changed into fashioned on November 14, 1953, to take part in, and they participated withinside the election and gained 223 out of 238 seats.

When Sheikh Mujib surpassed Gopalganj constituency, he changed into a given the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests’ duty. The six-factor call for is the call for the liberation of Bengalis.

The oppression of the harmless Bengalis and their indifference to the needs of the human beings moved the human beings of East Pakistan. Because of this, Mujibur Rahman made a six-factor call. Movements done everywhere in the country, Mujibur Rahman changed into arrested again.

What changed into withinside the 6 factor needs.

1. Pakistan must be transformed into a federation by drafting a constitution based on the Lahore resolution, with a parliamentary arrangement of government and a legislature elected by adult citizens.

2. Only two issues will be in the hands of the federal government, defense, and foreign relations, and all other issues will be in the hands of the states included in the federation.

3. Two separate but easily exchangeable currencies need to be introduced for East and West Pakistan. In case that is silly, by then, there will be a solitary monetary system under the control of the federal government for the whole of Pakistan, a Federal Reserve Bank, and two Regional Reserve Banks. In this case, specific rules should be included in the Constitution to prevent capital from being smuggled from East Pakistan to West Pakistan;

4. The two regions will have separate accounts of foreign exchange earnings, and the foreign exchange earned will be in the hands of the state. However, the foreign exchange required for the federal government will be collected from the two regions equally or at any other rate recognized by both.

5. No duty will be levied on the exchange of domestic goods between the two parts, and the Constitution will have to provide for the states to establish trade relations with any foreign state.

To make East Pakistan self-sufficient in defense, paramilitary guards have to be formed, arms factories have to be set up in East Pakistan, and the headquarters of the Central Navy has to be set up in East Pakistan.

6. As a result, states must be empowered to form militias or paramilitary forces to maintain national security.

Election Of 1970

In the 1970 elections, the Awami League passed by a large margin. But the West Pakistanis did not accept it. They did not hand overpower. The humans of East Pakistan understood that they needed to be subjugated.

That is why Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a historic speech on March 7, 1971, at the historic racecourse ground, which is still immortal today. Awami League was banned after this speech. As a result, the people of Bengal became angry, and a nine-month-long war broke out. East Pakistan won the war, and the country’s new name was Bangladesh. And Sheikh Mujib became the new leader Of Bangladesh.

Sheik mujibur Rahman assassination

On August 15, 1975, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the hero of Bangladesh’s independence, was assassinated at his home. Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana survived while in Germany at that time.

His former colleague Khandaker Mushtaq was behind the killing. And many were with him. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was also accused of being the mastermind behind the killings. Many of his killers fled abroad, many of whom have not been tried. And many have been tried. 

The last time the murderer Majed executed in 2020. After Bangabandhu’s death, his body was taken to his village home in Tungipara and was.

featured Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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