Top 3 hidden treasure in the world.

Hurry up !you can find hidden treasure of the world!!!

What if you suddenly found a hidden treasure? You will become rich overnight and fulfill all your dreams. But for that, you have to go to India. Because the vast treasures of the kings have not been found there yet. Seven of the world’s ten most famous diamonds were found., Then think about the amount of secrecy in this India.

So let’s go in search of treasures without further ado!!

Diamond mines below the Krishna river.

Andhra Pradesh in India is famous for diamonds. The Krishna River is one of the largest rivers in India. At one time, this region was included in Golconda Shahi (Golconda Kingdom). Somewhere in the Krishna river basin were the world-famous Golconda diamond mines. seven famous diamonds like Kohinoor, Hope Diamond was found from one of the mines on the river Krishna banks.

But as the river changed its direction, the mines got lost in the riverbed. Later, excavations were carried out at various places, but the diamond mines were not found. You can visit this river if you want. If there is a diamond lying on the bank of this river, then you can get it!!

hidden treasure
Krisna river.

The treasure of Mir Osman Ali, the last Nizam of Hyderabad.

Mir Osman Ali was the last Nizam ( king) of Hyderabad’s vast state in undivided India.

In 1911, Mir Osman Ali ascended to the throne of power. At that time, the treasury was going to be almost zero. This miserable condition of the treasury was caused by the erratic living of the father of the former Nizam Mir Osman Ali of the empire. After Mir Osman Ali took power, the financial condition of the state started to return.

During his 37-year reign, the treasury swelled. The amount of his wealth also increased at a tremendous rate. But after his death, some of his vast wealth was found. It is believed that this vast treasure is hidden in the Kothi palace.

The Nizam spent most of his life in this palace. Many believe that there is a hidden treasure in one of the secret chambers of that Kothi palace. Among his prizes are 163 gorgeous rubies, diamonds, corals, pearls, sapphires, and the famous Nizam Jewelry. Even today, many are looking for that hidden treasure of the Nizam. He was once the No. 1 richest man in the world.

Now you want to go to his palace and find the hidden treasure?!!

The plundered wealth of the king of Jaipur, Mansingh

Raja Mansingh of Jaipur was the chief general of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Emperor Akbar, in 1560 entrusted Mansingh with the task of establishing the Mughal Empire in Afghanistan.

hidden treasures of the world

Mansingh defeated the Afghans and brought Afghanistan under the control of the Mughal Empire. Occupying Afghanistan, Mansingh took a lot of wealth from the Afghans and the Afghan treasury. It is believed that not all of those assets were deposited in the Mughal treasury.

Many researchers believe that he hid a large part of this wealth in his Jaigarh fort. But those hidden treasures have not yet been found.

If you are looking for treasure, take me with you!!

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