Mongolian ruler of history.Chinggis khan

Chinggis Khan was born in 1162 in Mongolia. At the age of 16, he married a girl name Borte. Her father poisoned when he was nine years old.

Genghis united many nomadic peoples of East and Central Asia under a common social identity.

This social identity was also Mongol. He is one of the undefeated kings in the history of the world.

It was a strong kingdom that was being led to the Mongol army. Wherever they were, they might leave a trace of murder, plunder, rape, and barbarism.

Early Life

Hundreds of years ago,

Temujin was born in 1172 in the Dulun-Boldak area near the Anon River and the Bur-Khan Khaldun Hills in northern Mongolia.

Over time, this Child became known to the world as Chinggis Khan.

He alone conquered the largest territory in the world. And at the same time, 40 million innocent people responsible for the death. 

If you don’t know about his eventful life’s exciting ups and downs, an essential chapter of history may remain unknown to you.

So today’s feature has been arranged with some thrilling information about the terrible Mongolian ruler of history.

Temujin had three brothers and one sister and two half brothers.

His father arranges a marriage for him. At the age of nine, his father delivered him, the family of his future wife bore, of the tribe khongirad

On the way back, his father meets the enemy Tatars, inviting him to a dinner party.

And killed him by applying food poisoning. After the death of his father,

he hurried back home. Claiming to be a tribal chief, but the tribesmen denied the young boy’s leadership.

And they leave this family without any security. Their families became helpless. The family began to struggle out of poverty.

Once there was a quarrel between the two brothers over the distribution of one prey. He goes to his mother for a settlement. She may have thought that the mother would take the side of her child.

But to her surprise, her mother took her brother’s side. The teenager Temujin didn’t say anything that day. He just left in a fit of rage.

Then one day Temujin with his younger brother jumped on the honest brother, and the blow of the bow took out his life.

In an expedition in 1117, he arrested and enslaved by his father’s former aide.

A few days later, he escaped with the help of a soldier. After fleeing in this way, he gained respect in society.

He emerges in a harsh environment. His mother, Hoelun taught him many lessons, especially to unite the Mongol nation.

Genghis Khan
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wives And Children

He had relationships with many girls, so it is impossible to know exactly how many wives and children he has.

So here, I will discuss some of his wives and children from history.

  • Borte

She was his first love and wife. Borte and Temujin’s marriage arranged by his father, Yasegei when he was nine years old.

One morning, the enemy launched a surprise attack, killing the tribesmen and abducting Borte.

He rescues Borte with the help of his father, colleague Wang Khan and friend Jomukha.

Many described that the incident, as a turning point in his life

Borte held captive for eight months, and soon after he was rescued, she gave birth to a son named Jochi.

In meanwhile, many started whispering, Whose child is this? But Chinggis Khan recognized Jochi as his own child.

He had many sons and daughters, but he gave only Bort’s children Because he loved Borte so much. Power to rule.

Borte has a total of 4 children.Jochi, chagatai, ogedei, and Tolui

  • Yesegun

During a military operation, he fell in love with the daughter of one of his enemies.

Yesegun and Yesui are two sisters. According to the Secret History of Mongols,

When Yesegun and Chinggis were having sex, Yeasegun recommended that he also married his elder sister Yesui.

So he kidnapped yesui and marry her.

  • Khulan

Khulna Khatun, daughter of Masjid Chief, Deir-usun.as the Secret History of the Mongols,

 Dair-Usun gave his daughter to Chinggis after the surrender.

And he accepts her as his wife.And she gave delivery to a boy namedZelejian.

How many Children did Genghis Khan have?

No one can say precisely how many children he has. But if you search the history, you can know the names of a few.

E.g., Jochi, ogedei, chagatai, Tolui, Alakhai Bekhi and so on.

Unite The Mongol

The situation was not very good at that time, Naimans, merkits, Tatars, khamag Mongols, and keraites,

These tribes were busy fighting among themselves and seizing power. There was no unity between them. Meanwhile, Temujin was growing up and slowly accumulating his strength.

The abduction and retrieval of Borte was an essential chapter in his life. Many think that this incident turned his life.

Borte was rescued by Temujin’s father’s friend Tughral Khan and his friend Jamukha. Gradually, he became more assertive with the help of Jamukha and Tughrul.

But the ambitious, he was preparing to own a more massive empire.

He preferred merit to lineage in the army, contrary to the Mongol tradition, and highly disliked by his blood brother Jamukha.

Friends became enemies. The Mongolian steppe was then divided into two camps—Temujin on one side and Jamukha on the other.

Jamukha was defeated in the ensuing battle. Then he attacked a few more times.

But after several defeats, his generals handed him over to Temujin. He was utterly different from the other leader.

Meanwhile, it is the turn of Jamukha’s end. However, it is known from multiple sources that Temujin did not want to kill Jamukha.

In the same year, he declared himself as “Genghis Khan” at a conference of various Tribals. One by one, the mighty kingdoms began to fall to the Mongol forces.

Wherever they caught sight of them, they left the most brutal impression of murder, plunder, rape, and barbarism

World Terros Genghis Khan

His conquest of the kingdom was horrendous. If he attacked any area, he would first give them a chance to surrender.

 If they refused, Genghis Khan would become a beast. The Holi game of blood was going on, the pyramid of skulls was going on

When they Attacked china. The population of China was around 100 million.

 A large part of these four crores died at the hands of the Mongol forces. His forces killed 17,48,000 people in one hour.

It is said of Genghis Khan that, Undoubtedly, this is an unanticipated event.

He is so terrible. He was so violent that he killed more than 40 million people during his rule. If anyone went against him, he would have reduced the village or the country to dust.

His biggest massacre fell on Iran. It takes 800 years to be. Russia is always invincible, and He chose a brutal method to celebrate the victory of Russia.

He lays the surviving Russian soldiers on the ground, builds a platform over them, and celebrates his victory over them, and the Russian soldiers below are crushed to death.

Mohammad Shah’s army killed people in Genghis Khan’s fleet as they crossed Khawarizm. To avenge this, Genghis Khan attacked Khwarizm with 10,000 troops.

He grabbed Mohammad Shah and sealed his ears, nose, and eyes with molten silver.

The village in which Mohammad Shah was born, He changed the course of a river over the village, removing the village from the map forever.

According to Iranian historian Rashid al-Din, Mongol forces killed an estimated 60,000 people at Marbet and one million at Nishapur.

Without losing confidence, they continued to blockade and attack. At one point, they tactfully cut off the water supply to the city. The fall occurred in Samarkand.

Then began the heart-wrenching, brutal murder. The incident was so horrific that the Mongol army cut off a pregnant woman’s stomach and killed her baby.

China, India, Russia

A region of ​​approximately 10 million rectangular kilometers in Europe and Asia fell to him. Western JIN Society,

The prosperous XI society, the mighty Khwarezm society, bowed before him. Ur-Ganj in present-day Turkmenistan was one of the largest cities of the Middle Ages.

That, too, was entirely destroyed by the Mongol forces. An average of 50,000 Genghis soldiers in this city of about 1.2 million was assigned to kill 24 innocent people.

It is stated that at that point, people

were so afraid of Genghis Khan and his army that a single soldier could kill the whole village. No one dared to resist. They were terrified, and a soldier would come and kill them one by one.

Genghis khan tomb.

He died in August 1226.

But even after his death, the mystery remains. No one could describe exactly how he died.

His group wanted to make death great, just as the enemy had corrupted him.

Genghis Khan wanted no one to find him. It took a week for his body-carrying party to come to Mongolia from China. It is said that this is the way to go.

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